Water: Crisis of the Century

Water is What Matters

The history making Mother Crisis of the Century is showing her ugly head. Drought now tops our screens and agenda. In the 1850’s California gold rush days, people traveling across the desert desperate for water paid up to $100 ($2745 in today’s dollars) for a cup of water. The current crisis impact is only beginning to be felt and will grow for the millions directly affected in the natural disaster declared 12 state zone. The ripples will be felt in prices around the world.

Survival in a water crisis becomes the focus for plant, animal and human life. Every decision made is affected by the absence of sufficient water no matter who you are, what you have or where you live. It leveled the ground even for King David and impoverished peasants in ancient times. All plant, animal and human life become victims equally in a water crises. King David’s prayer rings in our ears today with relevance, “I sat there in despair, my spirit draining away, my heart heavy, like lead. I remembered the old days, went over all God had done and pondered His works. I stretched out my hands to you as a desert thirsty for rain.” Psalms 143:4-6.

Crises show respect for no one or their plans. The current drought, if prolonged, may be the “perfect desert storm” of the century. Interesting that God finally got the King’s attention, and maybe at times, that is what it takes to get ours. You do not need to be an alarmist to be concerned about the water crisis already declared a natural disaster and this does not include any extension in years to follow.

Few ponder the value of water to life, health and safety until there is an absence of it. Did you know that 1.3 trillion

Extreme Weather

Global Warming has indeed increased the severity of storms, inland flooding, torrential winds and winters normally kept on the Canadian side of the border. Humanity should have learned from the devastating property loss and loss of life from 2005 to present-day. While predictions of where a tornado will strike, when and where will the next earthquake will be, and which volcano will be the next Krakatau are slim at best, predicting areas of flooding is more than possible. Areas not currently in a flood plain can be the next flooded area. Just because the crest on the north side of the river has not flooded before does not guarantee that it will not ever flood in the future. If one takes into consideration the man-made elements, natural shifting, and the increasing weather pattern changes with a warmer earth, it will become apparent that more areas are and will be flood prone.

Focus on areas in your fifty mile radius. If you have been in the area for twenty years or more, you undoubtedly have noticed that certain pieces of land that never held water twenty years ago now does after rains and snow melts. One area close to me was once a natural habitat and not prone to standing water that fell victim to flooding. What changed was a four lane roadway with turn lanes built up for runoff. Below the new roadway grade are concreted shopping centers on both sides. Heavy and unusual lengthy rains flooded ground level stores on both sides. The area mentioned is not next to a waterway.

Structures that are positioned next to waterways may not have been exposed to flooding or high water in the past. The Category Five Hurricane Katrina left lasting memories of what can and does happen when storm strengths increase with

Reducing the Impact of Hot or Cold Weather on Power Supply

There is definitely a power problem when extreme weather conditions are faced by the United States. This was the case last winter when extreme cold temperatures went on to highlight the vulnerability of power supply. Power outages are not rare in cases of snowstorm. However, even a cold weather is enough to cause problems. The same is the case when there is too much of moisture, or when the temperatures are too hot.

Why electric systems fail to operate in extreme weather conditions

There are around thousands of components in the electric system. These are mostly electromechanical and have several moving parts. These systems would be best working when they are operating in the middle temperatures and the moisture range for which they were built for. When they are new, their design may withstand extreme temperatures and they may continue to operate correctly. However, as they age, they may not be able to operate in the same way in adverse weather conditions.

Stress is the main problem

Usually the power systems will keep functioning correctly even when faced with extreme hot or cold weather as long as they are not being subjected to stress. When moisture increases or when it is too cold or too hot, these systems would tend to operate in an unpredictable way. They may operate faster or much slower. This is especially the case when they are being made to perform really hard. This is evident when there is a problem such as a circuit breaker.

How to minimize the impact of extreme weather conditions

There are many steps that can be taken for minimizing the impact of extreme weather conditions on the power supply. First and foremost, it needs to be ensured that the power plants have been properly insulated. If properly insulated, the support equipments will be working fine.


Weather and Global Warming

Weather is the name given to the changing conditions of the atmosphere, or air, which surrounds the Earth The weather is all around us, all the time. It is an important part of our lives and one that we cannot control. Instead the weather often controls how and where we live,what we do, what we wear and what we eat. Weather conditions include wind, storms, rain, snow and sunshine. People who study the weather are called meteorologist. Climate is often spoken about at the same time as weather, but it is something quite different. The climate is the common, average weather conditions at a particular place over a long period of time (Usually 10 to 30 years).

We learn about different climates around the world. Deserts have a hot and dry climate while the Antarctic has a very cold and dry climate. The hottest place on the Earth is Dallol in Ethiopia, where the average temperature is 34. 4°C in the shade. 2. Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. Even though it is an ongoing debate, it is proved by the scientists that the planet is warming. The Earth’s climate changes naturally over long periods of time. Scientists now think that these natural cycles of change have been over taken by a rapid rise in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Global Warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Greenhouses work by trapping heat from the sun. Glass panes let in sunlight but prevent heat from escaping so that plants can survive cold weather. ‘Greenhouse gases’ in the Earth’s atmosphere work in the same way. Without them the Earth would be too cold

Historical Weather: Understanding The Past

Weather conditions play an important part in our everyday lives. Whether we are off to work, wondering whether sailing conditions are good enough on the weekend or hoping to throw a garden party, the weather can make all the difference to our plans.

Using the latest apps and visiting trusted weather sites we can easily be aware of just what to expect but what about planning ahead and knowing what the weather conditions may be well in advance?

Weather conditions are known to be unpredictable at the best of times, but did you know that understanding historic weather data can help you get an idea of what to expect for the weather ahead?

Although there are no guarantees, for those who have plans to venture outdoors, to take part in sailing, surfing, skiing or other activities that could be affected by the weather, historic data can give you an idea of what you may be facing.

From specific months to weeks or days, a glance back can help you determine whether there are any patterns in the weather conditions.

If you’ve planned a first time trip to a country, past weather data can help you to get a feel for what to expect during your time there. Does the data suggest that a specific time frame generally appears to be one of the warmest months or has it been surprisingly cold for the past few years? Either way, in this particular case the past can provide a fantastic insight into the future.

Historical weather API’s are a fantastic tool that can provide you with detailed information on past forecasts, for almost any region in the world. There are a number of weather specialist websites that offer this historic data. From general weather to sailing conditions, to even confirming whether you are taking enough sunscreen on

Debunking 5 Myths Against Antarctica Ice Growth

Taking the man-made global warming argument seriously puts humanity in peril. It causes us to take courses of actions that’ll amount to increased deaths when cold snaps hit us harder than before.

Over the years, increasing evidence has blamed our home star as a primary cause of climate change. As scientists understand the sun and its impact on earth climate, the more obvious it becomes that we need to focus on the real cause of warming and cooling.

Instead of embracing these new facts, the global warming debaters attempt to pull straws to argue against growing evidence that the planet is getting cooler. One of these straws involves an attempt to explain growing Antarctic sea ice away.

Myth 1. Antarctic Sea ice means nothing on the account that the Antarctic Ice Cap is “shrinking.”

A simple look at physics explains why an increase in sea ice is a legitimate argument.

Actual satellite measurements of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, sitting on Antarctica, show a sheet that’s getting larger in volume. It’s getting thicker. What’s significant about this? The bigger the ice sheet sitting over the Earth’s poles, the colder the air mass sitting on top of them gets.

By logical extension, the air mass that pushes away from the poles and towards temperate areas of the world are getting colder. Consequently, our winters have been getting longer, stronger, and colder.

The colder it is in the South Pole, the further from the pole the cold air mass spreads. This works to reduce temperatures further away from the South Pole. This same concept applies on the North Pole.

In order for the Antarctic sea ice to get cold and freeze, below freezing air mass has to blow over that ocean’s surface. The cold air mass blows over that ocean’s surface long enough for freezing to happen. The colder it

An Electrifying Tale of Lightning

Lightning is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Scientists today are still not completely sure on how lightning is created, but there are many popular theories. What is known, however, is that clouds are positively charged on the top and negatively charged on the bottom. Also, the electric field from the clouds cause everything on the ground to have a positive charge, things like trees, your house, and you. All of this leads up to the amazing arcs of light that travel down, most of the time.

During a lightning strike a great amount of energy is released in a fraction of a second. this energy is so powerful it vibrates air enough to be able to hear thunder from miles away. A lightning strike is caused by an electrostatic build up and then a great release of energy. Air would usually be a good insulator, causing the lighting not to happen, but because of the electromagnetic field around the cloud the air is ionized and turned into a conductor.

During a lightning storm, you see lightning in a fraction of a second. Most people think that lightning goes downwards, but this is not always true. because electricity can travel in any direct, sometimes lighting can even go from the ground to the cloud, or meet in the middle. We never see this however, because this all happens too quickly for the brain to process. This is also caused because electrons can exists everywhere according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. This is hard to imagine but has been documented in magnificent pictures and videos.

Lightning can create amazing things because of its super hot temperatures and great amount of energy. Many people have been able to make crazy glass structures by using metal rods in sand. Once the lighting hits the metal rod and travels

The Rush for Wealth and Why the World Order Versus Nature

Millions of years of evolution and the things of creation are destroyed within 200 years or so of industrial revolution. Man is on the march and wealth is his goal. That can only come from nature, however, as buying and selling is about trading things gathered from the earth. The forests are turned into wealth, the water is a source of income, the food is doled out as people pay for the right to eat, sleep, and live while there is always a cash register at the end of the queue.

In that same two hundred years the population of the earth has grown some tenfold to reach the enormous number of today. Four babies a second is a television documentary about how many new humans arrive on the planet. They are unsustainable numbers and already the natural world is in decline.

Resources cannot sustain the present population let alone the numbers that will impact on the earth over the coming generation. Everyone alive is expected to multiple by at least 2 or 3 over the coming generation and the question is why?

Reincarnation is my experience of a return to life and it is shown that more people are coming to the fore to tell their own versions of it. Coupled with out-of-body experiences by some who have ‘died’ and returned to their bodies while on operating tables or as a result of an accident and so on, it is not difficult to understand how we have passed from life to life.

With a strong link to the Spirit it was shown to me that everyone is back who has ever lived and that explains the sudden increase in population. The visions that have been given to me also demonstrate that we are in the last days and that judgment is

When Water Dries Up, There Is Nothing Left

Some countries are in extreme drought while others, like Australia, are experiencing it in some areas. The shock of seeing a nation like Venezuela brought to its knees because of the lack of water is soon to be repeated in other places as the effect of the changes in the environment bite hard. Food shortages follow and in that nation people queue to receive small food parcels every two days and people there are starving.

Many countries depend on hydroelectricity to run their systems and without water there is no electricity. That means no fridges, no cooking in many cases, and certainly no cash flow. Even if people have money it won’t buy anything if the crops fail and the water stops flowing.

These are signs of the end time and it was prophesied in the Old Testament that when these things happen then the end is near. In some parts of the world, such as in countries in Africa, people have been dying for years due to famine and it is rapidly spreading to other areas.

Returning to life through reincarnation, as everyone has not done, and with a link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only power in control, many visions were given to me during the mid-1980’s that showed what the world is now going through. Famine and lack of water is only a small part of it as disease and war will take out the majority of the population. The stage is set and the signs of these things are happening now.

The Ebola Virus showed how quickly such a disease can spread and how devastating it is to a community. The Zika Virus is also devastating communities in South America where the Olympic Games will see it carried to other regions.

Wars are already taking place and displacing

What Can Happen If a Computer Is Not Recycled Properly

When you decide that you want to buy a new computer system what do you do with your old system is a question that plagues many. It is a problem that is happening world-wide. In the late 1990’s there was a lot of cheap personal computers, which has led to a lot of electronic waste that may or may not have been disposed of safely for the environment.

There are many different reasons why you should make sure when you do computer recycling it is done safe for the environment. One reason why it should be done correctly is that your computer is comprised with a variety of components, which many of them are toxic for the environment. If you do not dispose of them correctly these toxic substances can enter the environment and cause animal and plant death, birth defects, and pollution. Many components are also produced in ways that are unsustainable that could cause more harm to the environment. Some of these components could be taken out of the computer and recycled but you should still make sure your computer recycle is done properly. If they are just thrown out with the trash they will take up valuable space in the landfill.

Today there are many companies that computer recycling where you can take your old computer so it can be broken down to take out the components that can be recycled. The parts of the computer that cannot be used will be disposed of properly. If there are no companies in your area you can check online to see if there are any nearby that you can either take or mail your old computer to so it can be recycled properly.

Computer recycling is also not a simple solution. Any electronic recycling, including computers, requires a staff that is

Top 3 Tips on How to Recycle More at Home

Before we begin the great journey toward a ‘less waste life’, read this inspiring comment on the impact recycling can have: “recycling one additional ton of waste will pay $101 more in salaries and wages, produce $275 more in goods and services, and generate $135 more in sales than disposing of it in a landfill.” from Recycling: Good for the Economy, Good for the Environment.

Now that is some inspiration for anyone who wants to recycle. There are many ways you can recycle, let’s go over a few of them.

1. Less consumption

That one is close to the mind, however, we often times think of the stuff we buy as something we will keep in our homes for a long time and we forget that we throw out the packaging, which may sometimes be bigger than the actual item. Pay attention to the packaging material used for the products you consume, shifting towards a company that uses less packaging or the packaging can be recycled and reused is the one you are looking for.

Use reusable containers for food and water, don’t buy plastic bottles that you will throw out every time you drink the liquid in them.

2. Be mindful of the rubbish

There are numerous uses you can find for the waste you have accumulated. For example, if a tech gadget breaks down, don’t throw it, try to fix it. Back in the day, people used to use a TV for 40 even 50 years. Don’t forget that you can recycle all kinds of materials and items, from furniture, carpets, kitchen utensils to even building materials.

Get informed about the recycling policies in your municipality and find out what you can and cannot recycle. They will surely have a guideline that you can try to follow as closely as possible.


Ten Ways To Help Children Have Clean Water in the Future

Do you ever worry that you’ll run out of drinkable water? Or do you live in an area where water is plentiful and never scarce? Are you concerned that there is too much pollution in streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. After all isn’t water: life? What does the future hold for your children? Will they have to live their lives worried where their water comes from?

The problem is that people are paying bills, working hard and saving money. They give little or no thought to the ocean or what is happening locally to the watershed or abroad. It is as if they are asleep. Governments aren’t creating alarm and urgency to this municipal, provincial, state, and countries’ problem. The question is, “Why aren’t governments creating urgency among its citizens?” Are they asleep, too? Isn’t this everyone’s problem?

Here are ten ways to help children have clean water in the future.

  1. Boycott products with micro-beads in them. Do a Google search on what products contain micro-beads.
  2. Lobby to have companies minimize the amount of plastic they use in packaging.
  3. Stop your community from putting plastic in the watershed.
  4. Help your community clean up the watershed, rivers, streams, and coastlines.
  5. Be mindful of what you pour down your drain. Research what substances are caustic and how to dispose of them properly.
  6. Support upgrades to your community waste water management.
  7. Support educational initiatives teaching about preserving our ecosystem.
  8. Help find ways to recycle existing plastic to everyday uses. Ex. replacing asphalt.
  9. Use reusable bags when you buy your groceries.
  10. Boycott the use of single use plastic bags.

Isn’t it time to create change to the status-quo and come together as a nation and help heal our lakes and ocean? Where do you begin?

Begin in your community. Change policy about how you use plastic. Be proactive in preventing plastic from getting into the water. Support

The Earth Tethers on The Brink

Few would disagree with the claim that the planet we call home is sliding into ruin and humans are mostly to blame. Who would have thought that burning a few sticks to cook with so long ago would lead to the eventual rate of pollution seen today? Man discovered fire and has never stopped trying to improve his lot above that of all other animals. He has progressed beyond understanding it to actually creating life and manipulating it in ways that were never intended.

The most outrageous and yet the most telling is the creation of artificial intelligence that can talk back and even think on a level higher than the human brain. In other words, man is a master of the ‘substitute’ and from the word go has developed ways to replace the things of nature and even God.

Nature has been his enemy and yet it is also the solution he uses to gain wealth and strength for the things he craves. Taking too much is never enough to satisfy his cravings. He goes beyond the reasonable into the improbable in pursuit of glory and fame and makes the impossible come to light under the glaring lights of fiction. Through the magic of illusion which he invented and perfected he has even turned God into the devil.

The question is where are we headed and why has it happened? Many struggle daily with pain and anxiety while others deal with death of loved ones. Others contemplate reason for their diseases that will take them to the grave. Plagues now threaten everyone as thinks like the Zika virus heads around the world to deform the brains of babies and whatever else it may bring about.

My reincarnation and insight into spiritual affairs given to me by the Spirit of the Universe, the

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy

The sun beams down enough energy every hour to satisfy the whole planet’s global energy needs for an entire year.

Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it productive. However, we are only utilizing solar energy to provide only one tenth of one percent of all the global energy demand.

Most people are familiar with solar panels, or photo voltaic cells, used on things like spacecraft, rooftops and handheld devices like calculators. The cells are made up of semiconductor materials like those found in computer chips.

When the sunlight shines on the cells, electrons are knocked loose from their atoms. The electrons then generate energy, as they flow through the cells.

On a much larger scale, solar thermal power plants use various techniques to concentrate the sun’s energy as a heat source. The heat is then used to boil water to drive a steam turbine which generates electricity in much the same way as coal and nuclear power plants, supplying electricity to thousands of people.

One technique uses long troughs of U-shaped mirrors that focus sunlight on a pipe of oil that runs through the middle. The hot oil then boils water to provide electricity generation.

Another technique uses movable mirrors to focus the sun’s rays on a collector tower where a receiver sits. Molten salt, flowing through the receiver, is heated to run a generator.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of fuel that is pollution and often noise free. The technology is also very versatile. For example, solar cells are capable of generating energy for out of the way places like satellites in the Earth’s orbit and homes in the middle of nowhere, as easily as they can power buildings in large cities and futuristic vehicles.

However, there are drawbacks to solar energy, it doesn’t work at night without

What A Good Energy Company Should Have

Today we have become reliant on electricity and gas and nothing much gets done when there is a lack. The fact is that there are businesses and companies that cannot function without a proper supply of these two utilities. But fortunately there are more energy companies today that rest at nothing till customers get what they need. The increase in service providers gives you the flexibility of deciding which one is best to serve your needs, but there are a few things that make a good supplier and they should be what you look at before signing to be a customer.

Reliable services

Sure expansion projects can sometimes be inconveniencing for existing customers but your company should try to give you some consistency in it service delivery. You really do not want to have to put up with power outages several times in a day. But even with the reliable supply of energy, it still helps to have a backup plan, such as a generator for such times when the unexpected happens.

Solid customer service

As a customer, you have a right to be heard and have your issues resolved as fast as possible. A good energy company should offer you this through solid customer service. It should have a number you can use to get the necessary help including reporting unexpected outages or other issues. Find out beforehand how easy it will be for you to access the help that you need so you know that you are well covered.

Reasonable tariffs

They can really make a difference in your energy costs. Wise customers actually keep tabs of the latest tariffs from different suppliers so they can make a switch for the better. A good energy supplier should offer you rates that are within the market prices and go further in offering